Red velvet cake

Red velvet cake… Just the name takes you to the heaven of the world of cakes… Red signifies love so does this lovely red velvet. Make your loved ones happy by this recipe. I made this marvellous cake on my mom & dad ‘s wedding anniversary. Give your loved ones reasons to smile.. ☺


1 cup flour

1cup powdered white sugar

1tspn baking soda

2tspn vanilla essence

100gm butter

3/4 cup milk


2tbsp cream cheese

2tbsp cocoa powder

1-2 tspn red edible food color or 2tbsp beetroot juice or puree

Baking dish

Chocolate for presentation

Hershey’s chocolate syrup


1.Take a small bowl and put 2tbsp of cocoa powder in it. Add red food color to it. Mix it and keep it aside.

2. Take a bowl and put butter and powdered sugar together and whisk it for

3. Now add eggs to it one by one and whisk it till it becomes double.

4. Add flour and baking soda to it. And mix well.

5.Now add cocoa mixture to it. And mix it.

6. Add milk if required for the smooth mixture.

7.Grease the baking silicon dish and pour the mixture to it.

8. Now Microwave it for 20-25min at 200• Celsius or if you are using IFB microwave just press convection mode of cake.

9. Take it out of the microwave and check it by pricking a toothpick to the cake. If toothpick comes out easily without sticking any cake stuff then cake is baked nicely otherwise it needs to be baked for more minutes.

10. After 10min Take the cake to the serving plate and cut it in two circles. And apply cream cheese in the middle.

11. Now dust the base with powdered white sugar. And circle the cake with Hershey’s syrup.

12. Now sprinkle the chocolate flakes on it. And surprise your loved ones.



Cheesy Nachos Omelette

Who doesn’t love nachos!!! Have you think of havingynachos in your breakfast before? Not yet then you must try this cheesy nachos omelette. This gives you an amazing variation of the regular omelette. It tastes marvellous ….so cheesy …so nachoslicious …so crispy …so yummy… This is a great breakfast for all nachos lovers.. 👌



1bread slice

2tbsp ghee

1/2 chopped onion

1green chilli

1/2 tbsp chopped ginger

1slice of amul cheese

Salt and pepper according to taste

1/2 tbsp garam masala

Half bowl nachos


First toast the bread in the toaster.

Now break the eggs into a bowl. Add half of all onion, ginger and green chilli to it and whisk it. Then add salt, pepper and garam masala and whisk it again. Take a pan and add ghee to it. Now add egg mixture. Let it cook it from all sides. Now flip it and cook just for the seconds. Again flip it and place the toasted bread and cheese slice on to the bread. Now add remaining onion, greenchilli and ginger to it. Now add nachos on it. Keep in mind the flame of gas should be on low level. Now fold the four sides together and flip it carefully and let it cook for a while. And take it out on a serving plate. Garnish with ketchup and serve it hot… Enjoy!!!

Yellow Pulao

Basant panchmi special!!!

Yellow is the color of basant. Yellow pulao is the traditional recipe in every household on the occasion of basant panchmi. Let’s celebrate it together.


1glass rice

1tbsp mustard oil

A Pinch of Jeera & saunf

1small bowl Finely chopped carrot

2glasses water


5/6 black Pepper

2 bay leaves

2 half cut Green chilli

1chopped onion

Red chilli powder

Turmeric powder


Garam masala

1tbsp Ghee


First wash and Soak the rice for half an hour. Now drain it and keep it by side. Take a pressure cooker put some oil in it. Let the oil heats up. Now add jeera, Saunf, black pepper ,cloves and bay leaves to the cooker. Now after 2min add onions and saute it. Now add carrot and green chilli. Now saute for 1-2min and add salt, red chilli powder according to your taste and add 1tspn turmeric powder and add little water to it and saute it. Now add garam masala and add rice to it. Stir the rice now add 2glasses of water to it. Now let it simmer a little. And close the cooker. After one whistle of cooker just close the gas. And after 5-8min open it and add ghee to it. And serve it hot.

peanut pepper corns…

Easy to make starter. It adds spice to your dinner. Yummy for corn lovers. Good to taste and healthy to body. 


Corns 1bowl

Peanuts 1small bowl

Onion chopped 2tablespoon 

Ginger chopped 1tablespoon 

Green chilli chopped 1tablespoon

Carrot chopped 2-3tablespoon 

Black pepper and salt to taste

Oil 1tablespoon


First boil the corns properly and stain it well. Roast the peanuts. Now take a pan and put some oil in it. Add carrots to it first and saute them a little bit. Now add corns to it. And saute it . Now add onions,ginger,green chilli and again saute them nicely. Now add pepper and salt to your taste. And its ready to serve. 👍 .

cheese sandwich

When you go cheesy !!! 

Its a quick recipe for hungry persons and a yummy cheesilicious one. 

One can make it as an early morning breakfast too. Quick and easy breakfast.



2 bread slices 

2 tablespoon cucumber (finely chopped) 

2tablespoon onion (chopped) 

2tablespoon tomato (chopped) 

2tablespoon veg Mayonnaise

1tspn coriander leaves (chopped) 

Salt and pepper to taste 


Mix cucumber,onion and tomatoes together. And add salt and pepper to it and mix well. Now evenly spread the mayonnaise to both slices of bread. Put the mixture on one of the bread slice and add coriander leaves and place the the other slice of bread over it. Now put the sandwich to the sandwich maker till it toasts well. Now ready to serve with or without ketchup. 

Masala chicken curry

All you need is love for cooking. An exotic curry made of simple spices and especially the best dish to have it on weekends. Right cooking and a good taste is all what it matters. 


Chicken leg pieces – 4/5 

Dahi – 1 bowl 

Khade masale- black pepper,elaichi,curry patta ,laung ,dalchini ,jayephal 

Onion paste -1bowl 

Tomato paste -1/2 bowl

Ginger garlic paste – 2tablespoon 

Oil – 4 tablespoon 

Black pepper powder – 1tspn 

Garam masala powder – 1tspn 

Red chilli powder as per taste

Salt as per taste 



Put oil in a kadai and add all sukhe masale or khade masale to it. Then add ginger garlic paste and let it turn little brownish. Then add onion paste and stir it till it turns golden brown colour. Now add red chilli powder and salt and now add chicken leg pieces to it. Now cook it a little. And then add curd to it. 

 Now stir it and add some water to it so that a thick curry is made. Now lower the flame and cover the lid.then check it after 10-15 add some garam masala to it. And switch off the flame when it is cooked well. And serve it with chapatis or rice. 

Malai chicken lolly 

Non-vegetarians !!!! This is a heaven to the starters.. Juicy,soft and mouth-watering dish. This is an easiest and a quick starters for non-vegetarians. One who will eat this will loved it. Especially for the children who prefer non-spicy dishes. 


1 Chicken legs (as per servings) 

 1/2 small cup fresh cream

2tablespoon ghee

A pinch of salt and pepper

1/2 cup Water 


Put ghee in a non-stick pan. Add chicken legs and toss it till light golden colour or till it becomes little bit cooked. Then add fresh cream and stir it. Then add salt & pepper . And stir it and cover it upto 1-2 min. Then add little water if required. Now after stirring , cover it and let it cook fully so that flavours of cream will go inside. Check in between. And after 4-5min its ready to serve.

( if you want to add more flavours you can add garlic and ginger paste in the ghee and then add chicken and repeat further .) 

Fruit Trifle 

The soothing desert to have. Rich,healthy and delicious desert having a power pack of colourful fruits.

Ingredients  (Serve for 5)

Vanilla Cake or fruit cake – 10 small pieces


Custard powder – 2tablespoon 

Milk – 3 bowl 

Sugar – 4tablespoon 

Water – 1 bowl 

Fruits as per your choice ( apples, pomegranate, strawberries, banana ) 


First of all make a custard which need to be cooled. For this add custard powder to the above quantity of milk ,mix it so that no lumps will be made and then put it on low flame. Allow it to boil and make sure to stir it repeatedly. Now take it off and allow it to cool and refrigerate it for 1hr. Now make a thin sugar syrup by adding sugar to water till it forms yellow syrup . Now take a serving dish, place the layer of cake pieces and apply sugar syrup to it. Then put jelly so that it get one layer or you can put it on the glass sides. Then put custard to it. Add apples on it then add pomegranate layer. You can also add layer of green grapes too. Now put cake piece again and brush little sugar syrup. And add custard to it and garnish with fruits on top. You can also use fresh cream for top layer. Allow it to set and cool & its Ready to serve. 

Dry fruits Modak 

Ganesh chaturthi special!!

Ganesh ji loves modak so does every ganesh ji follower. Easiest sweet to make.No added sugar. Modaks are kids’ favorite prasad.


1cup mixture of almonds,cashewnuts ,pistachios & walnuts

3-4 dates


8-10 raisins



Dry Roast the mixture of almonds , cashew  , walnuts & pistachios. Allow them to cool . Then grind them  in a mixer to make a powder . Then add figs,dates & raisins and grind them to make a fine mixture. Then take out the mixture and apply ghee on hands ( just little bit) to make modaks . Once you get all modaks prepared ,store them in a container and after offering prasad to ganesh ji you can have a munch of it.  

(If you don’t have figs & dates you can use only raisins in such quantity so that a good binding mixture is made. )



Bread Poha

This easiest breakfast one can anytime make. Simple home ingredients which add exotica to monotonous bread.One can never be bored of making something out of the bread. My special breakfast addiction is Bread poha.


4slices- Bread

Pinch of Jeera and sauf 

2tablespoon of tomato ketchup 

1tablespoon oil 


2green chillies

Red chilli powder 

Pinch of salt 

1cup water 


Put some oil in a pan.Add jeera and sauf then add chopped onions . Saute them till pinkish color then add chopped green chillies. Then add salt and red chilli as per your taste. Then add water to make a thick paste then add ketchup . Cook it for 1 min then add mashed bread and mix it well.          Ready to serve.